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Our website is written basically in Japanese,
but I want you to know our music.

Bran was formed in Tokyo back in 1994. Some drummered had played. They have gigs mainly at clubs in central Tokyo area.

They are groping for the music with madness, introversion, violence, delicateness and coting extremely private lyrics with their sound including quietness and motion.

Their first recording was for the compilation album "Abunai Ongaku" (dangerous music) from Osaka indie label "Gyuune Cassette"in 1998 and the band also have a couple of gigs in Osaka every year since then.

Also, Adachi established his own private label "Tonsei Record". He is running the lablel's offifcial Web site "The world of Tonsei Record" ( ) to distribute original CD-R, cassettes, songs in realplayer format, lyrics, band info and gig schedule.

Bran's first album "Yawaraka na yume" (means Tender Dream) released from Gyuune Casette on July 25, 2001.

Their second album "Akogare to Gensou"(means yearning and fantasy)released from Inundou on May 25,2003.

Still now, about ten live activities per year are performed. The demonstration CD of independence work is released.

//Movie and Music File//





*Live performance 2007.5.20.

2.Ctrl Sosa(edit)-JIBAKU

*Live performance 2006.7.23.


3.Kimi no Hani (your Area)

DEMO 2005

1.KIMI no HAN i(MP3/5-6MB)



4.Control SOSA(MP3/5-6MB)


//Movie File// *by Gajiyumaru

2004.8. in Koriyama , Fukushima

1.Blues for F(WMV/Windows Media/9.2MB)

2.Jikai Rick(WMV/Windows Media/6.3MB)

3.Yuganderu(WMV/Windows Media/5.3MB)


2004.10.16.. 4th Rock Saiban in Sangencyaya, Tokyo

1.Control SOSA(WMV/Windows Media/10.1MB)

2.Jikai Rock(WMV/Windows Media/6.0MB)

//Music File//

DEMO 2004

1.Jikai rock(MP3/3.3MB)

2.Mure Mura(MP3/3.9MB)

3.Plase let me sleep for a while(MP3/4.8MB)


5.ARE to SORE no KANKEI(MP3/3.2MB)

6.Contorol SOSA(MP3/5.7MB)

from their 2nd studio album"Akogare to Gensou-yearning and fantasy-"(inundou WC-0369)
2003.5.25.release, incl 7songs 2,300yen

1.Mood mp3
2. Yearning and Fantasy mp3
3. a cock of the walk
4. I carry you off mp3
4.Blues for F mp3

from their latest live album"live0203"(TORCD-5)
2002.4.release, incl 4songs

1. Yearning and Fantasy
4.Blues for F

from their 1st studio album"Tender Dream"(gyuune cassete CD 95-19)
2001.7.25.release, incl 7songs 2,300yen
Lorca -working title-
Ore wa kai ni naru (I'LL BE IN A SHELL)
Utsushi yo wa yume (The changing world is a dream)
Yume Utsutsu (Between asleep and awake)
Sono saki (Ahead)
Yawqaraka na Yume (Tender Dream)
Jibaku(I explode myself)

*Review from "METROPOLIS"no.388
To anyone who has sampled the Tokyo indie-rock underground, the topsy-turvy world of Bran will be familiar. But to those who haven’t, the slightly disturbed sounds of this three-piece who create “music with madness, introversion, violence, delicateness… and extremely private lyrics including quietness and motion,” could be a surprise. Formed in 1994 by Adachi (guitars, vocals) and Meg (bass) with Kuri on drums, Bran’s debut full-length Yawarakana Yume (“Tender Dream”) looks to the ’60s acid rock of the Doors and Jimi Hendrix for inspiration. “Yume Utsutsu” is a greasy outing of psychedelic blues, while the tortured guitar skronk of “Jibaku” (“Suicide Bomber”) well reflects the content of the song.

-"METROPOLIS" is free paper for foregn people living in Tokyo written in English.You can get at TowerRecords,HMV,and Virgin Mega Store etc in Tokyo.
-"METROPOLIS Web Site" Same contents is here.

from their live album"Complete Live20000503"(TONSEi RECORDS TORCD-3)
Ore wa kai ni naru (I'LL BE IN A SHELL)
Jibaku(I explode myself)
Utsushi yo wa yume (The changing world is a dream)
Sono saki (Ahead of...)
Yume Utsutsu(Between asleep and awake)
Yawqaraka na Yume (Tender Dream)
Lorca -working title-

bran's Lyrics

Lorca-working title-
Ore wa kai ni naru(I'LL BE IN A SHELL)
Utsushi yo wa yume(This changing world is a dream)
Yume Utsutsu(Between asleep and awake)
Sono saki (Ahead)
Yawaraka na Yume (Tender Dream)
Jibaku (I explode myself)

K.Adachi(bran/TONSEi RECORDS)

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